Here are just a few of the many videos of Boots
performing with his friends:

Lee Allen, Boots Randolph, Sil Austin, Hans & Candy Dulfer Masters of Rock-Sax Paradiso Amsterdam.

Boots Randolph live at the Paradiso Amsterdam 1991

Boots on The Jimmy Dean Show

I Can't Stop Loving You 1987 Boots Randolph & Floyd Cramer

Roy Clark & Boots Randolph Live 1987

King of The Road Boots Randolph & Floyd Cramer 1987 Pt. 1

Boots Randolph & Roy Clark with Floyd Cramer 1987 Pt. 2

Pamela Lind with Boots Randolph Play Night Train, Yakety Sax, & More

Boots Randolph & Roy Clark Play While Pro Golfer, Tom Watson, Sings

Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax

Candid Video Boots Randolph NEVER BEFORE SEEN

As each new generation discovers Boots' music they find the joy and happiness in his melodies. People of all ages instinctively recognize the humor when applying Boots' "Yakety Sax" to their videos:

Benny Hill: Hospital Hi-Jinx

Scenes That Should Have Yakety Sax

New York Jets

Llama Chase

Colorado Car Chase

3 Chicks Fighting Over a Worm

Godzilla vs. Yakety Sax

Slippery Road

Panda Chase

Yakety Sax on 2012

Drunk Squrrel

Halo 3 Bounce House to Yakety Sax

Yakety Office Door Trick

Canadian Cars Slide

"Planet of the Yakety Sax" - Planet of the Apes


King Kong - Benny Hill Style

87-Yard Fumble

Cop Pulls Over a Van to Yakety Sax

Awakenings Festival

Best Fails Compilation pt. 1

Clown Car Van Flips to Yakety Sax

Drunk at Convenience Store

Super Mario Bros.

Yakety Beatles

Stepped Servo Motors

Industrial Dancing

Musicians of all types have noodled with Yakety Sax at least once or twice. As Boots said it: "Every sax player in the world has tried to play it; some were good, some were awful."

Dolly Parton Play Yakety Sax Backwards

Beat Boxin' & Ocarina

Sax Quintet at Disney

Chet Atkins on Guitar

Sanne Mestrom - Yakety Sax

Manualist Plays Yakety Sax on his Hands!

Yakety Sax Sextet

Yakety Moog (Synth)

Yakety Bari Sax

Yakety Sax Guitar Lesson

Yakety Kazoo

Yakety Sax on Tuba

Yakety Sax on Electric Guitar

Yakety Sax -Country Fiddles

Yakety Sax on Harmonica

Yakety Sax on Theatre Organ

Yakety Sax on Two Guitars

Yakety Sax Battle

Snake Davis


1927 - 2007

Born: Homer Louis Randolph III

Had Multi-Million Selling Hit Single with "Yakety Sax" Penned by Boots and his friend James Q. "Spider" Rich

First Musician to Play Sax with Elvis including "Return To Sender" and "Reconsider Baby"

Played on 8 of Elvis' Movie Soundtracks

A Major Player in Creating the Now-Famous "Nashville Sound"

Soldier In The United States Army Band During World War II

Boots' Songs Covered by Chet Atkins, Buddy Holly, Floyd Cramer, Alabama, Johnny Cash, Richie Cole, Pete Fountain, Tommy Newsom, and Doc Severinsen

Played on Recordings such as Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Blue Bayou", and "In Dreams", Al Hirt's "Java", REO Speedwagon's "Little Queenie", and Brenda Lee's "Rockin' 'Round The Christmas Tree", "I Want To Be Wanted" and "I'm Sorry".